Why Choose MAS Hosts?

Mashost provide a secure and repliable hosting platform.
We are a small business so we get to know our customers on a personal level, whether they are using us for personal or business reasons, ensuring their needs are catered for and always aim to keep them completely satisfied.

We provide a variation of services depending on your requirements.
From Hosted Exchange to Hosted PBX and of course Web Hosting.

Along with the default packages for hosting, exchange and others, we can also provide you a tailored set up.

Get in touch to see what MAS Hosts can do for you.


Who Uses Us?

  • Cabopinotownhouse.com
  • Bose @ Horsham Direct
  • Karens Beauty Rooms
  • Annahargreaves.com
  • Cracknell & Pitt-Draffen Ltd
  • MAS Group
  • Gatwick Country Lettings